Entero’s commitment to emerging clean energy technologies, technology integration, and investment tools means you can trust us to help you find the best solutions for your company and your budget.

Renewable Energy
Renewable energy usually means an on-site energy generation system such as rooftop solar. These systems reduce the amount of energy a facility requires from the utility company, which lowers overall cost and carbon footprint as well as protects against volatile energy costs.
Solar Photovolataic
Solar cells, also called photovoltaic (PV) cells by scientists, convert sunlight directly into electricity. PV gets its name from the process of converting light (photons) to electricity (voltage), which is called the PV effect.
Energy Storage
Storage is using batteries to store solar generated or grid generated energy to be used later – and thus to its best effect. In other words, storage technologies store inexpensive energy to be used later at times when grid energy is expensive. Storage also protects businesses against utility blackouts.
Energy Efficiency
Entero will identify opportunities such as LED lighting, heating and cooling upgrades, and onsite generation, to be followed by a monitored and optimized program that will unearth more opportunities. Things such as energy procurement processes, peak load reduction, demand response, and operational adjustments.
Financing and Rebates
While the cost of renewable energy and energy efficiency systems has dropped dramatically in the last decade, the systems represent a substantial investment. Entero can access financing as well as rebates to make the transition to new energy more readily available.
Solar Thermal
Heat captured from the sun can be harnessed to generate energy. Entero’s solar thermal solution is unique in the industry, working in tandem with solar PV to increase efficiency and generate hot water for onsite use.
LED Lighting
Using LED technology for lighting, coupled with monitoring tools, can greatly reduce your energy consumption and your energy bills. Entero can help you evaluate the effectiveness of this switch for your business.
SBA 504 Energy Loan
Entero has helped hundreds of businesses get funding for their projects through the Small Business Association’s 504 Energy Loan program. We provide the required reports and solutions to fulfill the loan requirements for 10% energy offset.