Because of lowering technology costs and public demand for clean energy, renewable energy additions to our country’s energy infrastructure are far outpacing fossil fuel based additions. Our clients implement renewable energy to reduce cost, increase cost predictability, and reduce carbon footprint — thereby increasing their overall sustainability and participation in the clean energy economy.

Investment in Power Capacity, 2008-2015Source: BNEF, UNEP

In many cases renewable energy means a rooftop, ground mounted or carport-mounted solar photovoltaic (“PV”) system or solar hot water (solar thermal) system.

Entero will provide a solar feasibility assessment, and advise you on how to finance your solar project while taking advantage of federal and local incentives. We will help you calculate your utility rate offset, your return on investment, and the amount of solar that can be put on your roof or property. The Entero service is turnkey and includes:

Initial Evaluation of Opportunities; Financing Options; Design & Engineering; Procurement & Construction; Operations & Maintenance.

A solar system could provide your organization with years of clean, predictable, low-cost energy. Request more info here!