70% of the world’s electricity is used to light, cool, and heat our buildings. Energy efficient buildings could reduce the world’s energy needs one quarter or more by 2050.

We are not just solar. Entero takes a multidisciplinary approach that starts by examining an organization’s energy usage, then finding any number of solutions that reduce that usage significantly. Installing LED lighting or improving heating and cooling systems are some of the ways to reduce electrical usage. After onsite energy generation potential is measured, Entero implements a monitored and optimized program that unearths more opportunities, including energy procurement processes, peak load reduction, demand response and operational adjustments.

The LED Lighting Revolution

Upgrading your lighting systems to LED is one of the simplest ways to implement energy efficiency. See the chart for a basic understanding of what may be possible for your organization.

Lights using LEDs last a very long time

LED light bulbs are now being rated for 50,000 hours and many believe that 100,000 hour lamps are very close at hand. That would mean a bulb that was being used continuously would last over 11 years. That same bulb kept on twelve hours a day would last almost 23 years. If it were on three hours per day, the DOE standard, it would last over 91 years.

Energy Efficient Technologies Include:

  • LED lighting
  • Motion and Temperature Sensors
  • Heating and Cooling System Upgrades
  • Solar PV / Solar Thermal / Passive Solar
  • Operational Adjustments
  • Insulation
  • Cool Roofs
  • Electricity Storage
  • and more

Because energy rates in some markets have historically increased at 4 to 6 percent per year on average, and technology prices have plummeted, taking advantage of energy efficiency projects and better energy management can be very meaningful. While Fortune 500 companies hire staff to study and implement these opportunities, to date they have been out of reach to smaller organizations, and that’s where Entero comes in.

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