While new energy solutions represent a positive return on investment, they also often represent a significant expense. Entero pulls on years of experience to help inform organizations about how these solutions work and their financial value. Entero realizes that the process to arrive at the best solutions is complex and we work to simplify it.

After presenting highest value solutions, Entero brings to the table a set of qualified financing solutions. Entero is also expert at harvesting rebates and in assisting clients with understanding tax incentives.

One client, a movie theater owner in West Texas, was able to take advantage of both a USDA grant, a utility grant, and the Federal Investment Tax credit (ITC), and in so doing was able to have over 70% of the system paid for by outside incentives. While this case is unusual, Entero works hard to develop these types of scenarios for clients. Entero, as part of its service, supplies accurate and vetted financial models demonstrating high return on investment projects.

Benefits of Self Owned Renewable Assets
Self owned systems means our clients own and operate the system vs. a “Third Party” owner. Self ownership makes sense for businesses that can take advantage of the federal tax credit, which alone covers of 30% of the system cost. Combined with additional state and utility rebates, your net solar system cost can be as much as 70% off the retail price. Because rebates, incentives and bonus depreciation will decrease over time, now is the right time to go with a self purchased renewable energy system.

Benefits of Third Party Owned Systems and Equipment Leases)
Third Party Ownership means an outside party owns the renewable energy system attached to your property. This third party purchases and installs the equipment and sells you discounted energy. This makes it possible for you to switch to discounted clean electricity for $0 or little down. Your fixed monthly rate is typically lower than what you currently pay for electricity, so you start saving immediately.

Through our relationships with experienced financial institutions, Entero gives you options when it comes to financing your renewable or energy efficiency system. To discuss financing options with one of our financing specialists contact us at