Storage is using batteries to store solar generated or grid generated energy to be used later – and thus to its best effect. In other words, storage technologies store inexpensive energy to be used later at times when grid energy is expensive. Storage also protects businesses against utility blackouts. Storage helps utilities to even out demand and supply inconsistencies caused by the rapidly changing energy generation mix on the grid.

Energy storage assets will support and compete with conventional generation as well as with transmission and distribution assets. As the industry evolves, new business models will emerge where companies make, apply and operate storage assets to allow the grid to work more reliably and cost-effectively while decreasing cost to the end users.

Entero is tracking the development of energy storage solutions from leaders such as Tesla, LG Chem, ABB, AES, EOS and others.

Businesses will benefit by using batteries to store electrical energy to be utilized for later consumption. This results in the stabilization of power supply as well as the ability to store valuable solar energy during hours of overproduction rather than sending it back to the grid.

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